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Let me hold you

{29th Aug} Back to Okinawa

The school was now on vacation. Chii had told himself once they had a vacation he would take Ryo back to Okinawa. Back to the beach. After the past few days, he needed it just as much as Ryo needed to get away. He called his parents the moment he heard they had vacation and of course the secretary answered like always. Chii just told the secretary what he needed and what was going on. He wished his parents cared but they never did so he was use to it.

He packed his bag for a few days. This trip... he wanted to make it memorable. Just like their last one...

[Friday, June 20, 2008] A weekend at the beach, onegai....

Yamada was excited, the bell was about to ring and he has a great plan for the weekend if he could get Chii to agree. He was too keyed up to pay any attention to the sneers and jibes of his other classmates. He tuned them out, now if everyday he could be so lucky then he could be the genki guy Chii knew he was.

He dragged Chii to thier room, he pulled them onto Chii's bed to sit. He curled up in Chii's lap and begged, "Chii onegai...it's summer and it's the weekend. I want to go to the beach, I've never been and I want you to take me. Come on it will be fun...."

  [Tarryn ,between you and me, they should take the boat or ship whatever it was... to Okinawa....]
Let me hold you

School fair

It had been a month since Chii had hooked up with Yamada. They had spent every day by each other's side. Chii had never been happier in his life. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Yamada. Every one at school knew the were dating and they had become one of the most popular couples. Chii knew Yamada didn't like all the attention they got as they walked through the hallways and it bothered Chii too. He didn't like it when Yamada was bothered by something.

Sitting in class, they class was talking about the upcoming school fair. The teacher was telling them something about the theme and what exactly they had to do but Chii was too occupied with staring at his boyfriend. He smiled at Yamada and waved not realizing that the class had just nominated them to be the project leaders since their theme was happiness, Yamada looked back at Chii and Chii sent him a glance saying 'don't worry about it, I'll take care of it.'

After class, they met up at Yamada's desk and before Yamada could whine about doing the project Chii put his finger over his mouth. "Hey I will take care of it. I have some ideas already and we won't have to do much so no worries baby." Chii kissed Yamada's forehead.